RTE’S Eco Eye feature Cardiffsbridge Park, Tolka Valley

RTE’S Eco Eye feature Cardiffsbridge Park, Tolka Valley

RTE’s programme Eco Eye featured Cardiffsbridge Park, Tolka Valley earlier this week,  focusing on the integrated constructive wetlands.

Atkins designed and implemented this park project in the Tolka Valley on behalf of Dublin City Council. Atkins work included baseline environmental studies, archaeological studies, advance testing, flood and flora studies, design and implementation of the integrated constructed wetlands.

Sean McDonnell, associate director Atkins commented: ‘Atkins were proud to be involved in this award winning project for Dublin City Council. The project is a complete turnaround in taking the Tolka, a previously polluted urban river in Dublin with an existing landfill but a long cultural heritage, and re-imagining it as a new spine of green infrastructure which connects people and habitats. Extended parklands of a total of nearly 20 hectares have been restored with a variety of native habitats and linked throughout by a 4 km cycle route with potential to go further in future inland and towards the coast. The project provides sustainable management of the river, allowing flooding while protecting habitats, controlling quality of water entering the river and developing salmonid fisheries potential. A new bridge connects existing and recent developments to promote social inclusion and improve access. New wetlands treat road run-off and provide an amenity for recreation and biodiversity. The river is the heart of the area once more.’

To read more about Atkins involvement on the Cardiffsbridge Park (Tolka Valley Park) project see link below: