Baldoyle to Portmarnock Walking and Cycling Greenway

Baldoyle to Portmarnock Walking and Cycling Greenway

The proposed greenway is located at the Racecourse Park and will allow cyclists and pedestrians to travel through the park parallel to the Coast road linking Baldoyle with Portmarnock. When completed the scheme will represent a major new amenity for the area. This Greenway will be a fantastic addition for locals in the area but will also a draw for tourists, as it will be an attractive and high quality walking and cycling facility, maximising and respecting the opportunities presented by the area’s natural assets and coastal location adjoining Baldoyle Bay.

Atkins has delivered all stages, from concept through design planning procurement and construction supervision.

With 88 kilometres of coastline, Fingal has great potential for the provision of cycleways which will improve sustainability, transport infrastructure and the health and well-being of the County’s residents. The Baldoyle to Portmarnock route is the first phase of a major initiative to provide a Greenway along the entire coastline of Fingal.

The scheme is co-funded by the NTA and is due to be completed by the end of October 2019. Further phases of this project are progressing through the planning and design process.

Atkins are also managing and delivering two adjoining schemes the Sutton to Malahide Pedestrian and Cycle Route and also Fingal Coastal Way. Both of these projects are being managed and delivered by Atkins as separate design commissions.

Check out this flyover video of the scheme which you can use if you want:

Client: Fingal County Council

Contractor: Murphys International

Project Status: Ongoing


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