Environmental Reporting


If you’re considering developing land for private or commercial use, or you’re part of a team involved with developing the National Road Network, new Rail facilities or a Sustainable Energy project, then you’re probably aware of the need for environmental assessment and reporting. Choose a service that you need or contact us and can talk you through what might be required for your specific project from initial siting, timings for environmental surveys, licensing requirements, and planning requirements through to construction on site.


– Pre-Planning Advice;
– Environmental Scoping;
– Environmental Constraint Studies;
– Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA);
– Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA);
– Non-Statutory Environmental Reporting;
– Coordination of all environmental specialists necessary for project completion including engaging external sub consultants and surveys i.e. Tree Survey, Ground
– Investigation, Archaeological testing;
– Geographical Information Systems (GIS);
– Environmental Management Systems; and
– Environmental Management /Operating Plans.

Why us?

We can offer a total solution on large projects where a multi-discipline team is required or a more limited involvement at a single stage of a project i.e. pre-planning only. We can provide a fixed price for our involvement for any stage of the project.

No project is too small or too large and complex for us.