Noise & Vibration


Are you aware of the European Noise Framework Directive or the Safety, Health and Welfare (Control of Noise at work) Regulations 2006? Are you concerned about the potential noise levels generated by your project? Interested to know more about planning for wind farms and the recommended ‘set-back’ distances to create acceptable noise conditions?

We monitor noise impact for proposed developments. We investigate noise and vibration problems and design solutions to mitigate excessive noise.

We offer a suite of specialist noise services. You can either choose the service that you need, or talk to us about an all inclusive noise management package:

– Building acoustics and acoustic design.
– Computer modeling and software.
– Industry, construction and minerals.
– Noise and vibration monitoring, and insulation testing.
– Noise at work regulations.
– Public enquiry and expert witness programme.

Atkins Noise : Experience

In our experience, noise is one of the key issues for many developments. It also tends to be one of the primary objections from the public. We can provide innovative solutions that keep the public happy yet ensure compliance with legislation and guidelines.