Demands on infrastructure performance, and its impact on the environment, continue to increase. Our focus is therefore to optimise railway projects and make this form of transport more efficient.

Atkins Ireland is now investing further in knowledge and expertise to provide railway consultancy services. Together with our colleagues across the UK and Europe we offer a full range of consultancy services needed for planning, designing and enabling railway projects in Ireland.

Atkins has the technical expertise to combine extensive experience and skills to fully understand the complexities in all steps and processes involved in the design and construction of rail projects.

These include:

– Scheme identification
– Feasibility studies
– Mechanical and environmental appraisal
– Public consultation
– Statutory procedures
– Detail design
– Procurement
– Construction supervision

Rail Specialities



–  Permanent Way
 – Electrical
 – Signalling and Interlocking
 – Telecommunications
 – Other Rail Services