Atkins has wide-ranging experience with all forms of concrete highway structures. This experience includes superstructure structural elements, from reinforced concrete slab decks and voided slabs to pre-tensioned beam and slab decks and post-tensioned box girders, and substructure structural elements, including integral abutment design and pile group analysis.

In addition to this, we have vast experience with steel and composite structures. This experience includes design, checking, assessment and strengthening of steel structures, such as plate girder/concrete composite decks, orthotropic decks, box girders, trusses, footbridges, steel arches and cable stay bridges. Through this experience, we have developed efficient design tools which can be used on future projects for efficient and rapid design and checking. From concept planning, feasibility and design to construction, maintenance and de-commissioning Atkins can offer the expertise at all stages of the project lifecycle.