Smarter Travel


People in Ireland are overwhelmingly reliant on the car for transport. Smarter travel is how we can reduce car travel, encouraging people to walk and cycle, car-share and to avoid unnecessary car trips.

Smarter travel initiatives support people to choose more sustainable travel options, including walking, cycling, public transport, car-sharing or reducing travel through the use of technology or linked trips.

These initiatives can support, and be supported by, transport infrastructure.

Cycle Promotion

Getting more peo­ple to cycle re­quires a focused effort. Atkins develops strategies and initiatives that make the bike an attractive alternative to the car. We are a team that works towards more and better bicycling planning and implementation of bicycle initiatives.

– Consultation strategy
– Fund raising support
– Assessment of needs
– Network assessment and mapping
– Integration with other modes
– Intervention design and costing
– Ranking and implementation plans