Maintenance and Asset Management


Atkins are very experienced in the area of road and motorway maintenance in Ireland and across the globe. Our experience spans the spectrum of asset management from strategic advice to operational delivery. At an operational level we manage and audit maintenance contracts, and collect and manage the data that will be used to manage and inform decisions on the management of motorway networks into the future.

Atkins use asset management principles to meet today’s challenges of improving efficiency and meet the expectations of road users and other stakeholders in a way that is affordable and manageable. Our end to end asset management services address the spectrum of these challenges.

Ireland has invested heavily in a high standard motorway network in recent years, which requires ongoing maintenance to ensure the infrastructure assets are utilised fully to the maximum of their intended use, and that interventions are managed in advance of asset deterioration becoming too expensive to rectify.

Atkins are currently providing motorway maintenance and asset management services to support Transport Infrastructure Ireland across the entire motorway network in Ireland.