Public Realm


The public realm embraces the external places in our towns and cities that are accessible to all. These are the everyday spaces that we move through and linger within, the places where we live, work and play.

Atkins is passionate about creating imaginative, elegant and practical solutions for all facets of public realm design. Invariably these solutions are informed by historic context and character as a means to bring about a strong sense of identity and place with projects located throughout the world.

Our aim is to deliver solutions of vision and quality that reflect and enhance local place and identity and which endorse good practice in a useful and meaningful way. Materials, features and innovations are combined to produce functional, unique and thought-provoking places by day and night. All aspects of the design are also evaluated against the need for flexibility, future proofing, long life and low maintenance.
We focus on finding the balance between retaining and enhancing the rich and diverse qualities of landscapes and built heritage, the continued use of local materials and promoting best practice in contemporary design.

We also marry the often conflicting demands of traffic management and the preservation and enhancement of the public realm in urban areas of all kinds including conservation areas, market towns and other historic settlements