Water and Wastewater Treatment


Atkins provides a full range of professional services in all aspects of water and wastewater treatment from initial feasibility assessments through to construction implementation. We have the capability and experience to provide sound, reliable and innovative engineering advice for the most complex treatment problems. Our in-house expertise focuses on enhanced water and wastewater asset management with a particular emphasis on process energy and cost efficiency. Atkins has acquired an international reputation for helping water providers to manage their operations more effectively and efficiently. This is achieved through a sound understanding of the client’s requirements, by maintaining a policy of assisting the client during all stages of the decision-making process and finally, by delivering the optimum project solution.

Atkins offers a comprehensive consultancy service covering all aspects of water treatment including desalination, reverse osmosis, rapid gravity filters, dual media filters, ion exchange plants, DAF plants, GAC plants and refurbishment of existing water treatment plants. The range and depth of experience that our people incorporate has established our position as market leaders in the fields of plant design for wastewater treatment, including compact and advanced treatment processes, sludge treatment and disposal, Industrial wastewater treatment and disposal, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation design. Leading the way in sludge processing, with a comprehensive knowledge of both conventional and emerging process technologies, Atkins has successfully combined tried and tested industry wisdom with cutting-edge developments. The result? Novel solutions that lean strongly towards creativity, while never losing sight of cost elements and their importance to the client.

We offer the client an extensive knowledge-base on sludge management issues. Areas of expertise which include optimisation of operational assets and procedures, selection of new process technologies and outlets, development and assessment of retrofit capital schemes & recycling programmes to ensure sustainability and compliance at minimum whole-life cost.