Bray Dart Public Transportation Interchange

Wicklow County Council (WCC) in partnership with the National Transport Authority (NTA) appointed Atkins Ireland for the Bray DART Public Transport Interchange. The key objective of the project is to improve the public realm in the immediate vicinity of the station, creating a safe and welcoming space for end users to move around and seamlessly switch between modes of travel.

Atkins’ design for the public transport interchange proposes to create a public realm which improves pedestrian and cyclist access and the waiting environment focusing on the comfort and safety of the passengers, whilst catering for the needs of all the stakeholders.

The design incorporates the station forecourt, approach streets and surrounding junctions.  The design seeks to prioritise pedestrian and cyclist accessibility supported by improved of cycle parking, bus layover areas, set down facilities and formalised taxi rank within direct line of sight from the main station access point. Car parking is being rationalised within the forecourt in order to significantly increase the public realm space.

Services include: Constraint mapping, multi-modal user survey, feasibility and option study, stakeholder consultation, preliminary design, budget forecasting, H&S and PSDP.