The goal of the Irish Water CIP is to assist the progression and development of wastewater services infrastructure as part of the Irish Water 2017-2021 Investment Plan. Atkins have been awarded Call-Off No. 5 to provide consultancy services from Gates 1-4 for five wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in Carlow, Wexford and Wicklow.

The key objectives of the project include:

· Assessment of existing assets with proposals to maximise the use of these assets through process optimisation and/or upgrades;

· Proposal of new assets to comply with relevant regulations and to increase WWTP design capacity to meet the future demand;

· Preparation of tender documents and administration of contracts for the construction phase.

The approximate capacity of the existing WWTPs under Call-Off 5 vary in size from 1500 PE to 36,000 PE. Proposed upgrades are likely to increase Carlow WWTP up to 60,000PE.

Atkins solutions and added value

Atkins have carried out preliminary assessment of the existing assets and proposals to maximise the use of the existing assets through process optimisation and/or upgrades.

Solutions have been developed to meet the longer-term strategic plans for each site, and have been presented with an expansion plan format in mind, i.e., identification of phased upgrades to cater for agglomeration growth as it occurs to maximise the use of existing assets where appropriate.

Atkins have produced technical solutions and costings as part of the feasibility study reports across the various WWTP’s.

Services provided to date

Services provided by Atkins across its Irish business include, but are not limited to;

· Process Asset Assessment

· Structural Assessment

· Environmental Screening (including Invasive Species Survey Report);

· Asset and Feasibility Study Survey Production

· Preparation of Third Party Tender documents;

· Project Management and Contract Administration.

Key benefits and success factors

There has been extensive engagement by Atkins with the local authorities’ staff, including multiple site visits and workshops, to lever their local knowledge of the plants.

Client : Irish Water

Project Status : Ongoing