Greater Dublin Regional Drainage Plan (GDRDP) – Dublin City Centre Sewerage Scheme (DCCSS)

Dublin City Council’s policies and objectives seek to provide high quality public infrastructure, which aims to minimise waste, promote sustainable production and consumption of drinking water, ensure efficient and effective wastewater treatment, mitigate where possible and adapt to the impacts of climate change, protect and improve water resources/water dependant ecosystems and to support the green infrastructure network.

Implementation of the policies, strategies and projects identified under the Greater Dublin Drainage Strategic Study (GDSDS) are one of the key elements of the development plan to accomplish the objectives set within the plan. Protecting the Natural Watercourses, provision of sound wastewater infrastructures and implementation of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems are core parts of these policies.

AtkinsRéalis Ireland are delivering the Greater Dublin Regional Drainage Project & City Centre Sewerage Scheme. It is a four year design commission to investigate the entire wastewater sewer network across the city of Dublin and to utilise our considerable wastewater expertise to plan a solution that will protect public health, improve water resources, facilities sustainable economic development and help set the agenda for a green infrastructure network in Dublin.