Lough Talt Regional Water Supply Scheme

The Lough Talt Regional Water Supply Scheme is an isolated water supply network in south Co. Sligo which serves a population of some 13,660 throughout a large rural area including the town of Tobercurry and several local villages. The water from Lough Talt currently receives only minimum treatment for disinfection purposes before being distributed as drinking water. While the source is relatively high quality, it fails European Union (Drinking Water) Regulation standards on trihalomethane (THMs) and is also at risk of cryptosporidium which can give rise to severe gastroenteritis and in extreme situations can endanger vulnerable people.  AtkinsRéalis has been commissioned to identify an alternative raw water source that will eliminate the risk of trihalomethane formation and cryptosporidium outbreak and will provide a sustainable water supply to the Lough Talt catchment. AtkinsRéalis are currently undertaking a robust qualitative optioneering process to identify the preferred option. The options include for multiple scenarios and include re-sourcing from Lough Conn and Lough Gill and upgrade of existing treatment facilities at Lough Conn and elsewhere with a key focus on maximising and repurposing of existing Irish Water infrastructure. The catchments in questions have significant environmental constraints and this will be a key factor in the decision-making process and will be helped through by our very experienced in-house environmental and planning team. On determining the preferred option AtkinsRéalis will undertake the detailed design, procurement and construction administration with a key focus through these stages on sustainability, whole life costs and safety of all persons affected by the works from construction through to operations.

Client : Irish Water

Project Status : Ongoing