This project assessed treatment capacity of the existing WWTPs leading onto process design and plant layout for the upgraded plants to meet future population growth and ELVs. The existing Pallasgreen WWTP comprises two AS package plants whereas the Oola WWTP comprises primary settlement, trickling filter and a final settlement tank. The upgrade proposals included provision of a new inlet works, controlled forward feed, new stormwater tank and secondary treatment upgrade at Pallasgreen, whereas an RBC type plant was proposed for Oola with retention of the inlet pumping station and primary settlement tank.

Atkins role included:

Management of 3rd Party Investigation Surveys including network CCTV and flow & load surveys

Assessment of condition and capacity of existing WWTP infrastructure.

Outline design of the proposed upgrades

Planning Approval for Pallasgreen WWTP Upgrade Works

Production of the Design Review Report

Client : Irish Water

Project Status : Complete